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Products, Services, & Pricing
Digital Videotaping - 1, 2, & 3 camera shoots  
We have Panasonic DVC-60 mini DV's & Sony D-50 broadcast quality
Non-Linear Editing - Canopus DV Storm, Edius, & Let's Edit 2
Digital Photography - up to 12 mega-pixels (Fuji S7000)
DVD Mastering, & Authoring
Hi Speed CD & DVD Duplication w/printing on disc
Capacity to burn & print up to 50 discs per hour*

Videography Prices
Panasonic AG-HMC70
Sony CA-D50
1 Camera =  $    600.00
2 Camera =  $1,200.00
3 Camera =  $1,800.00
1 Camera =     $1,500.00
2 Camera =     $3,000.00
3 Camera =     $4,500.00
Copies are $30.00 each
Includes printing on DVD
And full box cover
Copies are $30.00 each
Includes printing on DVD
And full box cover
Double DVD set
Copies are $50.00 each
Includes printing on DVD
And full box cover
Double DVD set
Copies are $50.00 each
Includes printing on DVD
And full box cover
Wedding Videography
For all other video services that aren't listed please call for pricing.
Editing is included in the cost of all work that I videotape.
For all footage that is videotaped by someone else, there is a $45.00 per hour charge for editing.

Price Chart for duplicating CD's & DVD's
$15.00 each
This includes printing on disc and slim DVD cover.
Must include own artwork - must be print ready.
If the design for the DVD or the cover is not print ready,
There will be a $75.00 set-up charge for each.
$13.00 each
$11.00 each
$10.00 each
$9.00 each
$7.00 each
$5.00 each

Photography and
Graphic Design
Fuji S7000 - 1, 2, 3, 6, 12N, 12F megapixel
Event Photography
$450.00 for 4 hours provided on CD
Location Photography
4x6                                     = $10.00
5x7                                     = $15.00
8x10                                   = $20.00
8½x11                                = $25.00
                               Magazine Keepsake                = $30.00 (with picture purchase)
                                     Magazine Keepsake                = $35.00 (as stand alone purchase)
A minimum of 50 orders needed to publish magazine of event.
A $200.00 deposit is required to book dates for an event.
Studio Photography
The Silver Package
2. 8 x 10
2. 5 x 7
6. 4 x 6
18. Wallets

The Gold Package
4. 8 x 10
4. 5 x 7
9. 4 x 6
27. Wallets


The Platinum Package
6. 8 x 10
6. 5 x 7
12. 4 x 6
36. Wallets


Wedding Photography
$1,200.00 (Does not include album)
School Photography
 Call for pricing (A $400.00 deposit is required to hold date).
Album Pricing

Removable Pages = $   700.00
Permanent Pages = $3,000.00
Services Available
Books - Personalized (Hard & Softcover)
Business Cards
Event Posters & Programs
Name Badges
PowerPoint Presentations

For all other photo services that aren't listed please call for pricing.

Mobile & Club DJ
All pricing is based on 4 hours of service.
Disc Jockey (Music Only)
$600.00 & up
2nd DJ or MC
Video Jockey (Music with Videos)
$900.00 & up
Projector with 6' x 8' Video Screen Screen
Sound Reinforcement (Equipment Only)
$600.00 & up
Light Show
Event Planning
Promotions & Giveaways
$2.00 - $5.00 per person
For all other services that aren't listed please call for pricing.

We have all the right equipment to tear any roof down.
If it's a load and jumping party you want, well you just found the right place.
We can handle from small house parties to any concert size event.

We have an extensive music library that includes:

Just let us know what you want to hear and we will gladly play it at your special event!

If you have never hired a Mobile DJ before, information supplied here can be helpful.

There are radio, club/bar, mobile & battle DJs. This page refers to Mobile DJs. Mobile means
that we will supply our own equipment and music at the place of your event. We do weddings, Sweet 16's,
banquets, dances, parties, concerts, etc. This information will help you with right questions to ask us.

There are just 8 important things you need to know before hiring us.

1) NEVER ASSUME what the DJ should already know.
     It's your event and you know what you want the DJ to do - the DJ can only guess until completely informed.
     You need to give your DJ as much information as possible.

2) When you pay for our DJ services - YOU ARE THE BOSS and WE WORK FOR YOU!
     Tell us in advance what is needed, required and expected.
     It's our job to bring the DJ equipment, have and play music that you contracted us for.

3) Make a list of exactly what you want your DJ to do and not do.
    Just play music and don't talk?
    Want your DJ to make announcements and maybe play the role of an MC?
    Do you want your DJ to be sophisticated at all times? Be interactive? Be a party animal?
    Give dance lessons or don't give dance lessons?
    Be a singer or don't sing? Also be a karaoke host or no karaoke?
    Be what is commonly referred to as a normal DJ?, etc.?

4) KNOW THE MUSIC THAT YOU WANT PLAYED. This is obviously very important.
     Make sure the DJ will have the music that you want at your event.
     Do you want a variety of music or perhaps just Club, Top-40, Oldies, Hip Hop, Country ...?
     We specializes in the music that you want.

5) Do you want a DJ with a set music program or be flexible? Take requests or not?
     Play your requests on demand or when they feel it can be fit in without altering the dance floor or mood?
     As always, this is completely up to you. I can't stress this strongly enough - get the DJ that will do it your way.

6) Make sure the DJ has the right equipment for your event.
     Be sure to state the approximate number of people who will be attending
     (Some DJs don't have equipment to handle large events, we do!).
     State whether event is indoors or outdoors or both.
     Will equipment have to be moved from one place to another during the event?
     If some specific equipment will be required such as a wireless microphone, tape or CD players.
     Lights, fog, bubbles, novelties like inflatable instruments or theme?
     Want them or don't want them - ask us before getting a rate estimate (price quote).

7) Match the DJ to place of event.
     The area used by the DJ must have a rock solid foundation or music will skip or stop.
     If there is a stage, it too has to be solid.

8) After signing a contract with us, do you want an additional meeting (or meetings) in person before
    your event to go over details? Not all DJs can do this - We Do!

HURRY call us & book your special day today while it may still be available!